Air Handling Unit


Condenser and evaporator. Every vessel applies high-efficiency horizontal shell and tube condenser and high-efficiency evaporator that have been inspected by the labor supervision and inspection department . The heat exchange tubes are of special wing structure. The system has a simple flow process and executes stable heat exchange , with reduced component faults and simple maintenance and service. The heat exchanger has tube-plate support and excellent aesthetic shape, which is convenient to installation and transportation.
100% units have passed all the factory tests that are conducted after product assembling and leaving the factory ,and have been filled with refrigerating machine oil. Users can put the units into use after completing the connection of water pipeline and electrical circuits, and field installation and commissioning time is reduced to the minimum.



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Atlas Ventilation Engineering Company Pars is the exclusive representative of AUX commercial and industrial ventilation products from China and Windex from Italy in Iran with ISO9001, ISO10002 and ISO10004 certifications with more than 20 years of management experience in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. It was established in 2008. The organizational structure of this company consists of Mr. Mohammad Reza Naderi as Chairman and CEO and Ms. Azita Dadgostari as Vice Chairman and CEO at the top of the pyramid and sub-units including commercial, financial, sales, technical and after-sales units. From sales, advertising and marketing and office.