DC Inverter  indoor                                                                        DC Inverter

















High Efficiency
Equipped with high efficiency DC Inverter compressor, adjustable fan motor and advanced 180° sine wave vector driver, the system can be higher than 4.0 in SCOP so as to meet the European and Australian new energy efficiency standards



Stable cooling under -5。C and heating under -15。C outdoor environment temperature


180° Sine Wave Control
DC inverter compressor uses 180°sine wave vector control
technique, make motor operate smoothly and efficiency increases significantly


Optimized Pipeline Design

The design ensures the sub-cooling and enhances the cooling capacity by separating the refrigerant inlet and outlet



 اسپلیت کانالی یونیت خارجی-مشخصات فنی


 اسپلیت کانالی یونیت داخلی-مشخصات فنی






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