ARV 4 Series













180° Sine Wave Control
DC inverter compressor users 180° sine wave vector control technique makes motor operate smooth and increases the
efficiency. significantly compared with traditional sawtooth
wave. It also can lower the noise level.
DC Brushless Fan Motor
DC brushless motor adjusts the fan speed according to the
system pressure,and running load to enhance the efficiency by 45%. The super aero fan provides a larger air volume and higher static pressure.
High-Efficient Inverter Control Technology
The unit have the higher capacity in partial load according
to controlling the operation number of the compressor and
adjusting the EXV opening of the condenser side, making the compressor always maintain the highest efficiency running state.

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Atlas Ventilation Engineering Company Pars is the exclusive representative of AUX commercial and industrial ventilation products from China and Windex from Italy in Iran with ISO9001, ISO10002 and ISO10004 certifications with more than 20 years of management experience in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. It was established in 2008. The organizational structure of this company consists of Mr. Mohammad Reza Naderi as Chairman and CEO and Ms. Azita Dadgostari as Vice Chairman and CEO at the top of the pyramid and sub-units including commercial, financial, sales, technical and after-sales units. From sales, advertising and marketing and office.