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180 degree sine wave DC inverter technology, DC inverter output smooth sine wave, of compressor speed and system output capability of precise control, according to the actual load linear output, improve the operation efficiency of the

 motor. ensure the high efficiency under low load

Long Piping Technology

The maximum single piping length of 3HP unit is up to 25m, and the height can reach 15 meters; the 5HP and 6HP units single piping length can be 50 meters, and the height can be up to 30m

DC Inverter Compressor

Made of rare earth permanent magnetic material, the rotor could change the motor’s round speed by changing the DC

voltage motor, thus overcome the electromagnetic noise and rotor loss of AC inverter compressor, then achieves high efficiency as well as low noise.


Wide Operation Range

The unit could operate perfectly between 52。C in hot

summer and -20。C in cold winter making you feel like spring all year around with advanced system design and strict matching test(cooling in -10。C ).    

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