Air Cooled Screw Chiller


New refrigerant and multiple sizes:R134a and R22 is optional, green and environment-friendly , protecting your health and environment. This kind of AC units is available in 16 different refrigerating power ranging from 102kw to 762kw.
Double screws. Complete set of semi-hermetical double-screw compressor is imported, and 5 to 6 non-symmetrical toothed rotors are applied, which are the advanced technology in compressor industry at present and can reduce operating energy. This type of AC unit is designed to have a simple construction and a small quantity of parts, with double screws and high-precision mechanical structure. All the parts perfectly agree with each other so that friction resistance is minimized. Well-machined double screws are engaged closely with each other. This type of AC unit runs smoothly and quietly and is durable. Oil supply at differential pressure avoids oil cooler, oil pump and other complicated oil circuit system, and all allows easier maintenance and service.







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